My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 Weeks & 18 lbs later

So.  It's been a while since I've been  back at my diary.  Up until today, I would have said I was doing fairly well. 
Okay well there was the one indecent with Charter over my week long lack of internet where I told the customer service rep that I didn't want to speak to her any longer and to get me someone else on the line... and then I told the supervisor when he asked if he could help me any further, that he hadn't helped me yet and hung up the phone, came upstairs and threw such a fit the dog wouldn't come near me for 2 days.  I've got to hand it to those folks at Charter, if I would have been them, dealing with me, I would have looked for a way to make my whole account disappear.  
My defense is low blood sugar... because its an excellent excuse that can be used over and over.  Although, today, I'm starting to lean toward possible menopause.
But since then, I've had it all under control.  I didn't really get to do anything much for Mother's day.  My sister and I had gone in on a Kindle to surprise my mom, who is presently re-cooping from surgery in an assisted living home.  So I thought it would be great because the type size goes up to about 3/4 of an inch.  I spent all Saturday Night & Sunday morning getting it ready for her, added on a couple of games, 3 novels.  I thought she'd really love it.  
The family all went on a Mother's Day Picnic at the Winery but I declined to attend.  my excuse was that my mom is in a nursing home and I wanted to spend the day with her.  Steve told everyone it was because I was dieting.  
Bless his heart.
So I got the Kindle all wrapped up and headed off to visit the Grandmother..  
She took one look at it, made a face.  Turned her head sideways like she was doing her level best to see it and handed it back to me.  
"Can you get your money back?"
"Don't you like it?"
"No, not really."
"Look, mom, I can make the print larger.  See?"
"Now Dammit Judi, I told you, I thought I made it abundantly clear, I don't want anymore of those damn electronic gadgets.  I can't see those tiny little buttons.  Can you get your money back or not?"
"Well, I guess.  I'll probably just keep it, then.  I wanted one anyway."  
"Oh my ---, how much was it?"
"Now don't you start that stuff with me.  How much was it Dammit!"
So today, I get a check in the mail from her paying me for the Kindle.  My Mother's day present from her to me.  
She really liked the package of safety pins my sister sent from her dogs.  
My dog didn't get her anything.  
My oldest son took his wife and their two kids over to visit her later that evening when they all returned from their day of engorging, imbibing and jocularity  They stopped and got her some lovely red roses and a nice card.  They walked into her room and she took one look at them, "Now, dammit, it was really nice of you kids to come by here and visit me but this is no place for children and you need to take those kids and get them out of here and no, don't set those flowers down there, they'll get knocked over.  Take those over to  your mother and okay, yes thanks for coming, goodbye."
Is it any wonder I have issues?  
In her defense, she is worried one of the babies will catch SARS or whatever else might be floating around there but, as long as they'd already come in... I'm glad my daughter in law is as sweet and nonchalant as she is.
So I've been plugging along on the diet and doing pretty well.  I have been losing pretty steady... but when I got home today from work I had this overwhelming desire to cheat.  So I went up to my room --as far from the food as I could get.  Of course when Steve got home, he reminded me it was time for his dinner.  So I went down to make something to eat and he's just chatting away and this violent urge comes back.  I'm trying to just put the dishes away and I can't hardly bear to hear him talking.  
Finally I turn around, and tell him, I can't do this.  
He looks surprised?  Can't do what?  
I can't do this diet anymore and I can't make your dinner.  
He let all of 5 minutes pass before he comes up and says,  just come down and make us something.
Well then, if its that easy, you do it. 
You're being ridiculous. It's easy enough, half the food is already made.
Yes, I know that but I can't seem to get it together... and I'm not coming back down until I can.  
Finally, about 9:00, the panic passes and I came down and made the salad dressing I was trying to make when I fled upstairs, and fixed my meager meal.  
I'm all better now.  
4 more weeks.  
I hope there's no bloodshed.