My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day Number Five... long time from supper to lunch.

Well, I'm actually on my third day of the "weight loss cure protocol"and I've already lost 5 lbs.  It isn't hard at night after dinner.  I sort of save my second piece of fruit up for a little while and eat it as a dessert.  Last night I had a tiny piece of Tenderloin... Yummo and asparagus...mmmmmmmmmm.  Later I had partially frozen strawberries with a couple of drops of orange stevia on them and that was outstanding.  Lunch was my usual salad with chicken, which I like with that tomato-y salad dressing but today I changed it up a bit and made an orange vinegarette with mustard, dried onion, some onion powder and vinegar, lemon juice, orange Valencia stevia, garlic and lemon and pepper seasoning.  Then I cut up my orange in with my lettuce and chicken and let me say, it's pretty good.  I ordered a recipe book to come with HCG recipes in it but I'm thinking I didn't really need it.  I'm doing fine on my own.  I still haven't gotten my bread sticks but I haven't really missed them yet.

One of the things I like about the diet is all the energy it gives you... I was dragging all this weight around with me and feeling pretty lousy all the time.  I'm still not exact really mobile as my feet hurt under the stress of my weight and won't really support a lot of exercise yet but I noticed yesterday as I ran from one place to another, the only thing that held me back at all was my feet.  I'm pretty excited about that.

But on the downside, my husband says I'm a mean dieter.  I'm a little cranky.  Last night I went psycho over him opening a bottle of wine.  I said its because I don't want anything tempting me  but the reality is far baser.  I realized I'm irate because I can't have any.  I finally got myself under control and apologized but before he went to bed, I did it again over nothing, didn't really even hear what he had to say and then told him that I didn't agree.  He was a little stunned and got up and went to bed... again, with the apologies.  Then this morning as he was eating his breakfast, another waive of "you're breathing my air" attack hit and I grabbed my computer and fled the room before I bit his head off for no other reason than sitting there happily eating his breakfast as I sat there trying to enjoy my coffee with NO CREAM.

I hope that doesn't last too long because given the present mood swings, I'll be needing someone to move in to help pay the rent.  He was gone by the time I came back down... wonder if he's looking for something to muzzle me with?