My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a surprise

So I'm continuing to lose weight... And I figured out that I was getting so hungry because I wasn't holding the drops under my tongue long enough and that I wasn't always waiting that 15 minutes before eating when I took them.  So since I've corrected that faux pas  I'm doing much better.  
I didn't feel like I looked any different but I discovered last night that I've changed more than I thought.  My clothes were fitting different but I saw no difference in my personal appearance... but I knew going in that I wouldn't see a lot at first.  I was expecting that.  But comparing the picture I took last night with the one I had taken 3 1/2 weeks ago, I  
was pretty surprised at the difference in just such a short period of time.  Well... I'm still fat but at least it's going in a better direction.  
I did my first screw up today.  I measured my meat at 3.5 oz but it was cooked meat, not raw.  I felt so stuffed.  Then I realized what I had done.  
I'll try and see if I can make it up with dinner as I can't afford to not be losing.  They are having a biggest loser contest at work right now  and right after they announced at work that that they were upping the stakes for the biggest loser contest, I eat an extra ounce of meat.  They are finally going to start giving away prizes like time off work... I wasn't particularly interested in any of their prizes before that.  
I have won the weekly contest twice so far and would rather have gotten the T-shirt that says, "I won the biggest loser contest at work this week and all I got was this stupid T-shirt."  At least that would be funny.  But instead I got 15 minutes off the phone with my boss taking my calls, sitting at my desk, snooping through my stuff while I stand out in the hallway with nothing to do but wonder what she's getting into and waiting for my time to be up so I can go back.  I had tried to plan it for later in the day so I could have a "hall pass" in case I needed an extra potty break but she came over about 15 minutes after break saying she had a meeting and had to do it then, right then, so I couldn't even get rid of the free cell game I had just opened up.  
So for 15 minutes, I stand in the hallway with nothing to do.  It was reminiscent of one of the stupid games we played in grade school where you stood outside the class room while they all hid the item or planned the questions they were going to ask you in front of the whole class and you were wishing it wasn't your turn because you just knew it was going to go badly.  Who knows what she saw or found while she sat there with no phone calls and nothing to do but rummage through my stuff at my desk, and on my computer-- coming over unannounced to reward me for all my efforts of losing the most weight. What kind of idiot wants to win a prize like that?  I guess it was better than the free at your desk ingrown toenail removal.  I was really glad I didn't win that week.