My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Saturday, May 18, 2013

They're Back.

I have anticipated their arrival since last Sumner, when they all piled into their van and their father drove off down the street with them.  I stood and watched  until the van rounded the corner. I had no control over the tears but managed not to sob.Danny and Sarah took me and their kids to breakfast. When we got back, the house resonated a gnawing hollow quiet in stark contrast to the cacophony of chatter and laughter of a house filled to capacity just a few hours earlier.

Since that time I've waited for them...and last night they arrived.  We texted back and forth regarding the status of their current location for two long days and last night, when they told me they were on Muegge, I had to stand outside and watch for them to round that corner and my heart lept when I saw the light from their headlights art the bottom of the street.

They spilled out of the van like clowns out of a car at a circus.  They have  all grown so tall.  I hugged them all. We brought in the contents of the van...clothes, food, movies, and folks.  We toasted their arrival.  We ate and drank and the children emptied the contents of the toy box and distributed it over the entirety of the room.  We shared stories, opinions, news and quips. 

Day one. It's going to go by so fast.  We can't hold onto a moment. We only observe its passing and cherish the memories as we watch it disappear around the corner.  But today, I'm so excited that I woke up at six and went into each room just to drink in the reality of their arrival.  

Steve's making coffee.  I'm blogging.  But what I really want is to go inside and get the day started.  GET UP. We're running out of time.