My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Thursday, April 28, 2011

They said I wouldn't be hungry with HCG!

So on Day 2, I continued to eat like fat girl as per the diet. We went to a little hamburger place called Christies where they serve these half pound burgers with this spreadable cheese on them called Pub Cheese. Wow. But that was then, as my stomach growls.

Today I had some vanilla cream sweet leaf stevia in my black coffee instead of whip cream. I think I can get used to that. I had looked online for a salad dressing I could have but most of them were basically straight vinegar... ((shiver)) vinegar with lemon juice and varied spices... but c'mon. Okay so it says I can have limited amounts of picante sauce, salsa as long as there wasn't any sugar. So I got my processor out, the giant enormous one my kids bought me for mother's day last year, and put in about a half of a cup of that, a tablespoon of lemon juice 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, a couple of tablespoons of mustard, some McCormicks Grill Mates Garlic and Onion seasoning and processed until smooth. It was a delicious fat free legal dressing that actually tasted pretty good on my 2 cups of shredded Romaine and my 3 oz of grilled chicken breast.

I was starving by lunch time and yet when I started eating, it was almost like after a few bites, I had to make myself eat the rest of it. I've had a mild headache all day but that might be from a lack of sleep. I haven't been doing much of that lately.

Anyway, for dinner, I made some flounder over fresh spinach...with a little bit of my "salad dressing" totally winging it here but it looks pretty good. I thought it was delicious. My husband said it wasn't his favorite. At which point I told him he should consider making his own food. I guess I'm a little touchy.