My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making some changes...

So, when I was a kid, I was normal sized... as an adult, I put on a couple of pounds and decided to do the liquid protein diet... and lost the weight really fast. Well, then I put it back on plus what I had lost became doubled in added pounds. So I started working out but then I got pregnant and had to quit... the club closed and there wasn't any money for a new one so I did weight watchers for a while.. lost some of the weight but then put it right back on plus new poundage... did the Atkins diet, worked like a charm... then I stopped and it came back with a vengeance. So now I'm a fat girl... okay so I started walking... got up to 5 miles a day and that worked really well... but then I got a new job and it was full time so no time to walk anymore... and the weight started piling back on.... at that point, desperation set in and I just about quit eating and when I did eat, I started purging... talk about disgusting. So that lasted about a year and my family freaked out and my teenage kids were screaming... so that had to stop. Well, now suffer from morbid obesity and my little grand daughter says, Yaya, your booty is so big but we're not supposed to say that are we? And it is hard getting around and it's embarrassing being this big and buying size 3X clothes... so now I'm going to do the HCG diet when my drops come in. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow and I'm going to start the diet this week. So this is me now...
and hopefully that will change. The diet is supposed to reset your metabolism, which is the biggest thing with me... and I'm hoping that if I drop enough weight, I can start walking again... so we'll see. I'll keep you posted.