My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday afternoon, day 3 of a three day weekend... children are sick but improving, adults are getting sicker but surviving. Grandma doesn't feel like doing much of anything and mom's about to blow a gasket. Snow's falling. Wind's blowing. Too cold to go out and play. Dark and cloudy. To dangerous to drive anywhere. Grandpa went up to take a nap but the grandkids are not going to be quiet. It sounds like the vacuum might be broken and mom wants to know why? Dad says it's been acting funny for a while now. Perfect storm brewing.

A new vacumn, a plan to fix the old one, one of the children take a nap and lunch and everythings calms down again.

Kids are watching a movie... mom's having a beer... dog barks to come in out of the snow, unless someone wants to go out there with her.

Its the stuff daily life is made of... the days of our life... the moments that add together to build into a lifetime of memories.  We struggle, we strive, we try to survive, we plod along to the end of the day and pile into bed to do it again.  It can seem monotonous if you start to view it that way but the days go by faster than a weaver's shuttle and then you're left to redefine your existence without all the hoopla and you miss it desperately.

Family is trying... and the days can be long and tiresome and the routine can become tedious but it is the most precious time, to have them there, cluttering up your life.

I miss them being here.  I valued it beyond measure.  They live so far away.