My Homemade Mother's Day Gift

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Frog With No Hair

There once was a lovely green frog that lived on the third lily pad to the left of the fountain just outside the reach of the waterfall but in perfect proximity to reap its soft mist. She loved the way the sunlight filtered through the fountain spray in rainbows and glistening diamonds in the afternoon sunlight and the sound of the Mockingbird's song after it bathed in its spray. She liked to sit on her pad and watch the people walk around the lake.

After a while, she began to notice that everyone had hair. Even the dogs on a leash, why even the Mockingbird had feathers and she suddenly began to wish she also had some beautiful hair. She became very sad and began to suffer a great deal of embarrassment at her lack of hair. And as people gazed into the sunlit fountain each afternoon, she imagined they were looking at the little bald frog sitting on the third lily pad to the left of the fountain.

One day, a little girl dropped her dolly into the fountain and although she wailed ruefully, her mother never took any notice of her dolly laid on the bottom of the fountain pool.

Now, from the bottom of the fountain pool, even this abandoned dolly, with her golden locks of hair, mocked the poor little bald frog on her place of torment.
Late one night, as the frog was staring into the miserable reflection the pool cast back at her saw some odd stringy mass bobbing in the water. She looked over at the little dolly on the bottom of the fountain pool and saw that she was now bald and her beautiful hair had floated up to her lily pad in gratuitous splendor. Carefully she lifted it out of the water and smoothed it out as best as she could and when it was dry, she lifted it up and arranged it carefully on her head and smiled back at the bald dolly laid on the bottom of the fountain pool.

She could hardly wait for the morning to bring its first visitors to the fountain's edge to display her beautiful hair to the public but the first child that walked by shot out its chubby little finger and bellowed out a shriek of laughter. It drew the attention of the entire crowd and soon everyone in the park was drawn over to see the frog in a wig and they all began laughing at her.

Distressed she glanced down at the bald dolly laid on the bottom of the fountain pool and she thought sure she saw a tear in the dolly's eye for her lovely hair sat on the head of a silly green frog way up on a lily pad beyond her reach.

The little green frog saw her reflection in the pool, and heard the shrieks of laughter coming from the crowds of people gathered around to see the bald frog in a wig. Humiliated, she leapt from her pad into the water where she stayed under the tangle of lily pad roots until the crowds finally dispersed and as the evening drew into dusk, she made her way down to the dolly and carefully placed its wig back on its head and lifted her back out of the fountain to await her little girl to come back and reclaim her.

Before noon the following day, the dolly's little girl found her and carried her happily away and the talk of the frog in the wig had died to an occasional bantering of remarks but no one really took notice of a lovely green frog sitting on the third pad to the left of the fountain in the glistening mist of rainbows and diamonds and that was just the way she wanted it.